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Building safer communities
through community crime prevention

A Community Safety Initiative was developed by stakeholders in the community who wanted ACTION through working collectively. The overall aim was to reduce dishonesty, crime, prevent further criminal offences and to reduce victimisation.

Relationships were formed across the community with businesses, Chamber of Commerce (Business Associations), Schools, Police, Ministry of Social Development, Local Government and the wider community to achieve its results with Building Safer Communities as the leading organisation to deliver the initiative.

The initiative involved the set-up and management of alarm monitoring, CCTV monitoring, commercial building patrol services, security consultancy and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) all of which is managed by the team at Total Security.

Who is Total Security
and what can they do for you?

Total Security together along with the Police, Business Associations, local businesses, Community Patrols (CPNZ), Schools, Ministry of Social Development, Local Government, First Security along with Building Safer Communities, are collectively making the community a safer place.

Total Security uses a team of locally based security personnel who are familiar with the town and your business. They develop a solution specific to your business using the knowledge of professional security staff and modern technology available.

Total Security can offer your business:

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Site analysis and recommendation specific to your business.

Alarm Monitoring

24-hour monitoring at main hub with immediate response to alarms.

CCTV Monitoring

Cameras monitored by trained staff who deploy security teams to deter crime and prevent offending.

Patrol Services

Cameras monitored by trained staff who deploy security teams to deter crime and prevent offending.

Security Consultancy Services

Advice and recommendations using modern security measures and modern technology.

What does this mean for your community?

Through services provided from Total Security you are contributing towards the camera network being monitored by a Camera Investigator. This is someone who monitors and reviews the cameras that are in strategic positions and hot spots that are of concern around our community.

Having ‘eyes’ about town has proven to be an effective method of reducing crime. It has also resulted in quick response to potential criminal activity, defusing situations before they become problematic.

The town and community around Kaitaia feel that with these ‘eyes’ about town they are more protected and safer than they have been before,
but for this to continue and be sustainable we need the whole community to help.

Total Security is gradually extending the hours for monitoring the cameras, building towards the ideal goal of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contributions are obtained from:


Each alarm Total Security monitors every month allows for an additional hour for a Camera Investigator.


An hour costs $20 per month – and every hour counts!

Do you want your business to be a part of this community project?

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